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The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust has an unrivalled knowledge of working within the Deveron district. The DBIT team are accredited by several lead organisations including the SFCC, SNH and City and Guilds.

The Trust is a VAT registered Charity and its services are available for environmental impact assessments & commercial consultations within the district, with specialist skills ranging from juvenile fish electro fishing, invertebrate monitoring and Invasive species surveillance, control and eradication. Tailored data, collected for specific tasks, can be matched and compared with other data from our long series of records.

The Trust has many years’ experience working with renewable, residential and commercial clients. Should you wish to contact us to discuss any of these services in more detail then please contact the Director on or 01466 711 388

List of Services Provided:

  • Electro fishing Surveys – Fish/Lamprey (Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC) Team Leader Accredited)
  • Fish Rescues (SFCC Accredited)
  • Habitat Surveys (SFCC Accredited)
  • Invasive Plant Control (SEPA licensed)
  • Salmonid Spawning/Redd Counting
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel Surveys (SNH Licensed)
  • GIS Mapping
  • Catch Data Analysis
  • Scale Reading and Interpretation

We can also assist with:

  • Otter Surveys (SNH Accredited)
  • Invertebrate Surveys
  • Water Vole Surveys (SNH Accredited)

Deveron Angling Code For Salmon & Trout 2024

Your Board remains extremely concerned over fragile levels of fish stocks in the river and in particular spring salmon and sea trout. Please see Angling Code below: