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On the 21st October, 1924 a remarkable event took place on the river Deveron when Mrs Clementina ‘Tiny’ Morison established the record for the heaviest UK fly caught salmon, landing a fish weighing 61lbs. In 2011 the Morison family, together with the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust launched a memorial trophy to be awarded annually for the heaviest fly caught salmon from the river Deveron, that is witnessed and returned to the river alive. The Trophy is made of silver and black limestone and is the most valuable game angling award in Britain.

Made by: George Tarratt Ltd, of Leicester were commissioned to make the trophy, which resulted in the outstanding chased silver model of a leaping salmon upon a black Belgium limestone plinth, to which are applied silver plates engraved with details of the original event, the gift of the trophy by the Morison family and their crests.

Description: The solid silver cast model stands some 9 -10 ins in height and depicts a finely detailed salmon in the act of leaping from a dark Deveron pool, which is set upon a worked silver ‘wave’ of disturbed water so that the Salmon is fully airborne! The idea of the shady pool is suggested by the black limestone plinth upon which the salmon is mounted.

Design: The original model of the Salmon was created by Wakely & Wheeler of London, who modelled it in wax prior to casting and then detailed chasing was applied to ensure the model was accurate. The final result was achieved after collaboration between Mr Robert Shields DL for the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust and Mr Christopher Tarratt of George Tarratt Ltd. A combination of the ideas of a true sportsman and those of the silversmith.

Recognition: This outstanding trophy which evokes the magic of a large Leaping Salmon in all its glory is a fitting memorial to a very special day in the history of the sport of fly fishing for Salmon. The trophy has been kindly donated by AG Morison of Mountblairy and Bognie Estates.

The trophy was donated to mark the 10th anniversary of the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust, in recognition of all the successful work that the trust has carried out to date.

Roll of Honour

2011 Jean Marshall, Upper Netherdale, 29lbs

2012 Craig Wyness, Upper Netherdale, 29lbs

2013 Stuart Cockersoll, Upper Inverichnie, 25lbs

2014 Adam Woodward, Marnoch Lodge, 22lbs

2015 Craig Wyness, Upper Netherdale, 30lbs

2016 Robert Craig, Kinnairdy, 34lbs

2017 Robin Minter-Kemp, Upper Inverichnie, 28lbs

2018 Richard Breakell, Muiresk, 22lbs

2019 Ronald Ewen, Lower Netherdale, 25lbs

2020 Michael McDonald, Forglen, 35lbs

2021 Richard Breakell, Ardmiddle, 23lbs

2022 Gavin Hepburn, Lower Netherdale , 22lbs

2023 Andrew MacGarvie, Upper Netherdale, 28lbs

Entry Form

  1. Winning captors name engraved on The Morison Trophy
  2. Bottle of The Deveron Single Malt (Strictly over 18s only)
  3. Vision SalmonFly-Rod (if salmon was released unharmed to river) Sponsored by Henderson’s Country Sports, Turriff
  4. Engraved Limited Edition ‘MorisonTrophy Winners’ Fly-box

The Morison Trophy was kindly donated to the Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust by A. G. Morison of Bognie and Mountblairy.

All salmon entered for trophy caught before June 1st must be released.

In the event of a tie, the award will be won by the entry which, in the view of the trophy committee, presents “best evidence”.

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Watch the best practice video below:

Deveron River