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OPEN MEETING Held in conjunction with the Trustees Meeting of The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust

NOTICE is hereby given of a Statutory Meeting of the Board via video conferencing, using MS Teams on Wed. 2 nd December, 2020 at 12noon.

This meeting is open to any member of the public. A Allwood, Chairman

AGENDA The following matters will be considered:

1. Matters arising from Minutes of Board Meeting on 10 th Sept. 2020 (approved and on website).

2. Declaration of relevant Financial Interests by any Member since the last Board Meeting on 10 th Sept. (statutory requirement).

3. Update on financial matters – Board & Trust.

4. Update on work undertaken by Trust, report by Mr R Miller and Mr M Walters.

5. River Deveron Conservation code 2021.

6. 2021 Work Plan and Staffing Requirements.

7. Any other competent business.

NOTE: Since this meeting is open to the public, anyone interested in attending must inform the Clerk to the Board (Sarah Roebuck) by email or tel. 01466 711388 at least seven days before the meeting date.

River Deveron