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The beat consists of 3 miles of mainly double bank fishing (part of the bank half way down Duff House Royal Golf Course in the ownership of Banff Angling Association) from the River Deveron Estuary to the Bridge of Alvah with a total of 8 named pools.

There is a main fishing hut where tackle can be securely kept and two further huts on the bank for use during the day. 3 boats are available to access both banks at various locations and a full time Ghillie is at the ready to help you on the beat.
All the pools do provide some excellent Brown Trout fishing, too, with some large fish to be caught up and down the beat.

Notable Fish:
Fish up to 34lbs have been caught on the beat, but regularly fish up to 20lbs are achievable.

Successful fly patterns:
The Ginger Prince, Ally Shrimp, Cascade Shrimp, Silver Stoat Tail, Blue Charm, Teal Blue & Silver

To book fishing contact: Frank Henderson of Henderson’s Country Sports Tel: 01888 562 428 or book online below.