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One mile of very picturesque double bank fishing for two rods, with a lovely S-bend in the river. There are ten names pools, but which one is the most promising depends on water conditions.
Since 1934, seven fish of 30lbs were caught and you can admire their cut outs on the wall of the charming fishing hut. Salmon, sea trout and brown trout are all available.
The House, nestled next to the Deveron, offers a short scenic walk to the river – perfect for evening casts or relaxing breaks in the comfort of the house and garden.

Successful fly patterns
Ally’s shrimp and conehead tube make the Glennie angler happy.

Accommodation options
The comfortable and traditional lodge sleeps 13 and has the relaxed feel of a family home, with a spacious garden and easy access to the river.

To book fishing contact: Deveron Fishing & Greenmount Guest House Tel: 01466 792 482